Our Core Values

We believe and trust in our Core Values as they define who we are. Our core values influence our decisions and govern our working relationships with our clients, stakeholders, and our employees.


Safety is at the heart of what we do at Task Engineering Solutions Limited. The wellbeing of our employee are paramount and we are committed to sending them home safe and sound everyday by nurturing a behavioural culture that lives and breathes health and safety.


We are in business to work ethically and to treat our people with dignity and respect. We treat our clients fairly and we acknowledge our responsibilities to the society at wide. We are honest and we have strong moral principles.

Client Focus  

We deliver on our promises and our business is responsive to our client’s needs. We like to forge long lasting business relationships with our clients leading to regular repeat business. We measure our achievement by our clients being satisfied to procure business with us again.


We value our employees and we take great pride in assisting them to reach their full potential. We are committed to equal opportunity. We will invest in the training of our personnel to ensure they’re competent to deliver to our client’s expectations.

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