Temporary works 

Temporary works is increasingly being recognised as one of the most critical parts of any construction project. The importance and indeed the benefits of identifying the temporary works requirements of a project in advance, and in some cases integrating them into the permanent works, has resulted in many contractors seeking out experienced temporary works designers from the outset of a project.

The launch of BS 5975 has raised the profile of the design and checking requirements for temporary works and the definition of the appropriate level of competence and independence. This revision brings procedures into line with those of the Highways Agency and Network Rail.

Task Engineering Solutions limited has a great experience in temporary works design. Our engineers are able to provide advice, design or checking services for a range of temporary works and along with our extensive civil, structural and geo-environmental experience, we can provide advice on the most efficient way to tackle a temporary works issue in isolation or as part of the wider project.

We always strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service to ensure we deliver safe, practical, and economic solutions. We work closely with our clients to develop the concept, establish a full engineering design brief, and deliver their requirements.

Ground Works

Excavation Shoring
Piling Mats
Crane Foundations
Tunnel Shoring
Gabion/Retaining Structures
Slope Stability
Embedded retaining walls

Structural Support

Formwork (proprietary and bespoke)
Temporary Platforms/Decks/Roofs
Façade Retention
Temporary Bridges
Bridge Jacking/Propping
Bridge Sliding
Temp Access Gantries (inc. Mobile)


Stability Assessments
Lifting Beams/Frames
Bespoke Scaffold Design
Needling/Masonry Restraint